Flooring for Small Spaces

Flooring for Small Spaces

When you are short on space, maximizing it is the name of the game. Small homes can be wonderfully cozy but also run the danger of appearing cluttered, cramped, or busy. Believe it or not, flooring can actually make your small space feel more expansive than it is, or unintentionally smaller. Keep reading to find out how you can choose floors that maximize the space in your home.

All the Same?

It’s worth mentioning early in the flooring discussion that choosing one material for use throughout your entire space is a smart move if you want to maximize the perspective. Whatever you choose, whether it’s carpet, tile, or some type of plank flooring, carry it through the whole area. This avoids breaking the space up visually and accentuates the size of your floor plan.

Dark or Light?

Honestly, it doesn’t make much of a difference whether you prefer dark or light flooring. Each can be used to make your home feel larger. If you do choose a darker floor, the trick is to make sure to paint your walls and ceiling with lighter colors to brighten the environment. Light and bright tones make spaces feel larger. A light-colored ceiling draws your eye up and makes it appear higher.


When considering tile as a flooring option, take a look at large format tile, which is anything with one side that is bigger than 12.” This is a better option for maximizing your space because fewer grout lines create continuity. This allows your eye to see a more continuous floor rather than frequently stopping at grout lines. You can find large format tile in the expected materials like ceramic, porcelain, and stone, but also luxury vinyl tile and even carpet tile. You can lay out your floor in any way you’d like, however a diagonal format is excellent for use in small spaces.

Flooring for Small Spaces


Similar to large format tile, luxury vinyl plank, laminate, and engineered floors are also gaining popularity in wider formats. Be careful not to choose anything too wide, though, because it can have the opposite effect and make your space feel smaller. If you are unsure, buy a box and bring it home to try it out before you take the plunge. Pick something that you would like to use throughout your space, to create cohesion.

Rugs or Carpet?

The ultimate in coziness, don’t overlook carpet or area rugs as options for maximizing your space. Consider using area rugs over hard-surface flooring to set apart areas and add warmth. An area rug that covers the middle of the floor, about 12” from each wall, gives the illusion of wall-to-wall carpet without the commitment. To maximize your space, choose either rugs or carpet that is light in color to brighten the room, or plan on light paint colors for the walls.

Need more flooring advice? Visit the helpful staff at Buckway Flooring. They can talk with you about your options, help you with ordering your new flooring, and arrange installation. You’ll have a new floor that makes your small space feel more spacious in no time!